Be A sunEoperator

How to get involved - Be an Electric Vehicle Operator

Becoming a sunEoperator is the best way to get involved. sunEtrike operators will be equipped with an Electric Tricycle Operator starter kit. Be an Electric Tricycle Operator today!

The starter will have the following :

  • 4 sunEtrikes

  • 2 sets of batteries

  • 1 solar charging station included with batteries

  • 8 solar panels (250 W)
  • Electric backup will be used solar panels do not produce enough of their own on cloudy days
Our estimates is that 80% of the energy will be drawn from solar in one year with the other 20% from electric backup. This number would vary depending on the weather conditions with the panels drawing  110% or more on very sunny days!
20 Lead acid batteries will be charged during the day at the solar dealers location. 5 batteries per sunEtrike being charged each day
5 charged batteries from the solar station are switched with the 5 depleted batteries in each of the 4 sunEtrikes. At the end of the day or wheneve nessecary.
Each sunEtrike can get 90 km FDD (Flat driving distance) on one full charge. Hills and  route selection would affect the how the how long the charge will last. Contact Phil to get an estimate on your area: